Creating and Accessing CMS EIDM Accounts

I know what you probably think, “Great, another CMS website that I need to remember the login for so I can log in once a year.” Well, kind of.

You will use this site to submit MIPS data or verify that that the MIPS data for your practice has been reported to CMS. You will also use this site to check for the feedback review of the prior QPP reporting year and to request a targeted review for your 2019 payment adjustment (if applicable).

So, I know it’s another thing to remember, but it’s a pretty important one.

If you already have an EIDM account, keep this guide handy for new staff members or pass it along to someone who needs help setting one up!

    1. Go to the CMS Enterprise Portal
    2. Select New User Registration
    3. This site is used for many CMS programs. The one we are interested in is the PV” Physician Quality and Value Programs”. Scroll down in the list until you see that option.
    4. The following information is required to register:
      1. Application Name
      2. Application Role
      3. Organization Legal Business Name, Address, and Phone Number
      4. TIN and corresponding PTAN

NOTE: The system will ask the user several personal financial and demographic questions based on the social security number entered into the registration. Please be sure to have this information handy.

CMS has also put together a great user guide for the site as well.

New users should allow plenty of time to create account before any deadlines. If the TIN or PTAN entered into the system does not match what CMS has on the other end, it will lock the user out after 3 attempts and will need to be received by CMS before approval. The review process can take up to 3 weeks.

Once you complete the EIDM account registration, you will receive an email verifying your account activation. The username and password used to create this account is the same information you will use to log into the QPP website.

Users can always contact the EIDM help desk at 877-715-6222.

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