Highlights for the 2019 MIPS Proposed Rule

CMS has released the 2019 Proposed Rule for the MIPS program. Let’s talk about some of the highlights below.

Opt-In Option

Starting in Year 3, clinicians or groups can opt to participate in MIPS if they meet or exceed one or two of the low-volume threshold criteria. This option is not available if the clinician or group meets all of the low-volume threshold criteria.

Low-Volume Threshold Criteria for Year 3

  • Dollar Amount ($90,000)
  • Number of Beneficiaries (200)
  • Number of Covered Professional Services (200)

Reduce Burden and Offer Flexibility

  • Moving clinicians to a smaller set of objectives and measures with scoring based on performance for the PI category.
  • Changes to the MIPS Promoting Interoperability (formerly ACI) category to support greater electronic health record interoperability and patient access while aligning with new hospital regulations.
  • Allowing the use of bonus points for certain activities or practice size.
  • Facility based scorning option

CMS has put together a great overview sheet to cover additional questions!

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