The New MIPS Promoting Interoperability Category

In 2017 and 2018, it was not difficult to achieve full points for this category. CMS offered ample bonus points along with base measures and performance measures that made it almost impossible to fail. Things have changed quite a bit in 2019 so I’ve listed the major changes below.

  1. Total possible points are now 110 (down from 165). 100 out of the 110 points are based on the 5 performances measures. So you need to be on point with all 5 of these measures if you want to achieve a high score in this category.
  2. Clinicians are now required to report the PI category through a 2015 certified EHR technology. These changes are forcing more interoperability in healthcare system and more interaction with patients through the EHR.
  3. Performance measures have been reduced to only five measures, which are divided into 4 categories. Each measure is worth between 10 and 40 points so a low score on any measure will significantly impact the final PI score.
  4. The final scoring method has changed. Now CMS will be scoring the measures independently. All five measures must be reported or excluded to avoid a score of zero for the entire category.

Experts are saying clinicians that earned 25 points in this category in previous years should expect a 12%-16% decline in the 2019 score simply due to the new measures and methodology.

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