QRUR Report Information Now in the QPP Feedback Reports

If you all saw my earlier post on the QRUR reports, then this is especially for you (It’s for all of you that didn’t see the last blog as well, we don’t exclude anyone around here). The world of CMS is changing day by day (literally). My blog post yesterday was regarding the QRUR reports and today I learned that the QRUR reports are now included in the QPP website under your MIPS feedback. Now here’s where things get a little sticky.. You MIGHT be able to see your Cost category feedback on the QPP site. I’m hearing that some providers can see this information and some cannot.

NOTE: If you are participating in an ACO, you will NOT be able to see this information on the QPP site. You will need to contact your ACO for this information as they do all of the reporting through your APM.

How to find your Cost category feedback:

  1. Log into your practice’s QPP web portal
  2. Navigate to the feedback reports using the left side menu
  3. Locate the clinician you would like to view and select “View individual feedback”
  4. Locate the Cost category and analyze the data

As always, contact the QPP helpdesk if you have any questions reading these reports. The help desk can also give you information if you cannot view your reports for any reason.

Happy Reporting! J & make sure to check back for updates. I always try to keep you guys updated with the ever changing world of CMS incentive reporting!

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