NextGen Spring 2020 Release SQL Server Requirements

We wanted to share some information with you regarding the NextGen Spring 2020 (v.5.9.2020.1) release. With this release NextGen is recommending minimum Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for Database. Please see the attached capability matrix from NextGen. There are many things to review and consider in this document, however, we wanted to bring to your attention the Microsoft SQL Server version required. Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014 will no longer be supported with the NextGen Spring 2020 release.

eMedApps wanted to ensure all of our self hosted clients are aware of this requirement. If you are planning to upgrade this year, please make plans for your SQL Server upgrade, if necessary, prior to beginning your NextGen Application upgrade.

There are 2 important deadlines to keep in mind when considering when it’s time for your practice to upgrade:
-Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) implementation date 01/01/2021
-Revised E&M guidelines effective 01/01/2021
These 2 updates either require that you be on the Spring 2020 release or plan to apply a hotfix to allow your NextGen application to remain in compliance with the above requirements.

You can access the NextGen Compatibility Matrix here, just log into the NextGen Success community to review the document.

If we can be a resource to anyone needing to upgrade SQL or your NextGen upgrade, please do not hesitate to reach out. We will be happy to assist.

Thanks much!

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About the Author:

Shawnna Wilburn
Shawnna is a Senior Application Specialist at eMedApps and is responsible for project management, implementation, workflow design, training and support of the NextGen EHR product. Shawnna has 9 years’ experience with the NextGen product and is NextGen certified for ICS, EPM and EHR. She has over 15 years’ experience in the healthcare industry. Shawnna worked in a large hospital system for many years installing NextGen EPM, ICS and EHR for over 60 practices. Shawnna’s in-depth knowledge of NextGen EHR along with her years of experience in the roles that NextGen automates allows her to bring a wealth of knowledge to our client implementations. Shawnna is very detail oriented and has great project management skills. She is known for bringing project in on schedule and budget.