Clinic CMOs

Solutions for Clinic & Health Center CMOs

From clinician productivity to patient satisfaction and quality of care, Chief Medical Officers must examine the full spectrum of patient care and the ways technology can improve care delivery.

eMedApps’ products and services help CMOs make their physicians happy and productive, allowing them to focus on the care of their patients, not the care of their computers. Whether the challenge is to optimize workflows, meet MACRA or other regulatory standards, train clinical personnel, connect systems, or provide access to charts when the EHR is unavailable, eMedApps has the products and service offerings to help.

Delivering Value to Clinical Leaders

  • Access more data easier than ever before, even during outages or system failures
  • Optimize workflows to keep providers productive and happy
  • Make informed, efficient clinical decisions to raise quality of care
  • Attain MACRA, and other regulatory requirements
  • Deliver the highest quality of care to keep patients well and happy

Access Patient Information Where and When You need It – Even When the EHR is Down

Lack of access to patient records due to planned and unplanned health IT outages should not be the status quo. There are financial and patient care consequences when clinics are forced to cancel or postpone patient encounters because electronic systems are off-line.

Our Care Connectivity Platform™ includes business continuity products and services to keep clinics operational, profitable, and compliant during any EHR, network, or Internet interruption.

With CareFinity™, clinicians can view patient schedules and health records, access histories and lab results, view documents and scanned images, and capture care notes from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device during an outage, ensuring quality patient care can be delivered at any time.