Solutions for Health IT Professionals

Healthcare IT professionals face many challenges when optimizing technology and personnel resources to meet business goals. Mergers, acquisitions, disparate health IT systems, tight deadlines, changing regulations, and limited internal IT resources are just a few of the issues HIT professionals encounter every day. eMedApps has a range of HIT solutions to address your concerns and optimize your technology and staff.

HIT System Interoperability

Chief Information Officers, IT Directors, and IT support technicians across healthcare enterprises are seeking solutions to connect disparate healthcare technologies, increase communication efficiency, and improve data accuracy to enhance patient outcomes. Our Care Connectivity Platform™ is a suite of products and services to help you achieve your interoperability goals, today and in the future.

HIT Network and Hardware Support

Slow systems make providers and patients unhappy. We have helped hundreds of clients design, configure, implement, and support the infrastructure that is relied on every minute of every day. Our team is called on to diagnose performance issues and find ways to make networks faster, cheaper, and more reliable.

Whether your clinic is large or small, whether you have an HIT staff of 1 or 100, we can help you make your providers and patients happier.

Our offerings include HIT network and hardware support, secure application hosting, HIT infrastructure design and support, and other professional services to ensure all of your health IT systems operate and communicate efficiently to support your care delivery and interoperability goals.

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